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RoboTeam Twente is a young student team that aspires to innovate in robotics and artificial intelligence. Working in this team means pushing the expectations of what an intelligent machine can do. You get the opportunity to work together with students from other disciplines, all dedicated to one large project: building innovative and smart soccer robots to compete in the World Cup of robot soccer. You get the chance to put into practice everything you have learned in the past years and learn new skills as well, both in your field of expertise and in different fields. This time there are real stakeholders with real expectations.

The team consists of a board together with several sub-teams:

  • PR & Marketing
  • Software
  • Control
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics

All sub-teams have a head, responsible for this sub-team. So far, students from AT, ATLAS, BMT, CreaTe, EE, IO, ME and TCS have worked on this project, but students from other studies are welcome as well, as long as you feel you can make a contribution to the team.

We are preferably looking for full-time members, but part-time options can also be discussed.

The Board

RoboTeam Twente is an independent foundation lead by a board of four members who have responsibility for the team. It consists of a chairman, secretary, treasurer, and head external relations. These roles can be combined with participation in one of the technical teams.

The chairman holds the final responsibility and leads the different sub-teams into the right direction. The secretary will facilitate the team and help the chairman with tasks. The treasurer is in charge of the bookkeeping and deals with all the financial matters. The head external relations will have oversight of communications with all external parties and makes sure the relations are maintained as good as possible.

The board makes the large decisions for the team and keeps track of the planning and goals, both short and long-term.

PR & Marketing

For a student team, PR and marketing is very important. In this team, you will communicate with partners to provide the RoboTeam with a budget. You will also handle the PR of the team, which means you will handle the media presence of the team and take care of visual promotion (graphic design).


The software team designs the intelligence of the robots. The team is responsible for the tactics that are used during the matches. This ranges from programming individual skills of the robot such as shooting and dribbling to constructing entire strategies that dictate in which ways the robots coordinate and cooperate. The team works together with the electronics team on communications between the computer and the robots and works on various side projects such as user interfaces that give relevant status information. The team is constantly thinking about the next step to take in order to outsmart the opponents. This year the team had a look at what machine learning and neural networks can bring for the years to come.


The low-level control of the robots focuses on skills of the individual robots. The control is responsible for skills like accurate driving, dribbling with the ball, fast passing, and accurate shooting. You will work closely with the electronics team in order to achieve the fine-grained control necessary.


For the electronics team, the challenge is to design all the electronics of the robot with very limited space. It links the software and hardware together, making it a very important part of the robots. The electronics team is responsible for making the robots drive, shoot, dribble, and communicate with the main computer. In the electronics team, you will work on circuit design, PCB implementation, and microcontroller programming. The electronics team works together with the control team on the control of the robot to make precise maneuvers possible. It also works with the mechanics team to make everything sure all electrical components fit in the robot.


In the mechanics team, you will design and build new functions for the robots, and improve existing ones. You will push the limits of the design, work with small dimensions and make sure to fit in the high amount of components into the robot. Mechanically, it’s possible to really distinguish your robots from the other teams. By creating state of the art mechanics, you allow the rest of your team to develop more advanced movements and tactics.

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