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Apply for RoboTeam Twente

RoboTeam Twente is now looking for next year's team members!


The RoboTeam

RoboTeam Twente is a multidisciplinary team of students from the University of Twente. We aspire to innovate in both robotics and artificial intelligence. Next, we want to inspire everyone for these two sectors and show the world what can be achieved with them. We believe robotics and artificial intelligence can make the world a better place if used correctly. 

Our medium to achieve these goals is the RoboCup, this year in Montreal, Canada. The RoboCup hosts multiple competitions for soccer and rescue robots as well as robots that can help at home or on the work floor. We will compete at the world championship of robot soccer in which two teams of six small robots will compete with each other. 

This is the second year the team participates in the RoboCup. The team consists of students from different backgrounds, such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science and Advanced Technology.

We will compete in the Small Size league,
in the RoboCup of 2018 in Montreal.

In the DesignLab of the University of Twente we have a special soccer field on which we will frequently test our robots and in the near future play practice matches. If you don’t want to miss anything of our progress and if you want to be notified when we are going to practice, follow us on Facebook or Linkedin!


Crowdfunding has started!

Posted by zahra on Mon, 19-03-2018 11:35

We qualified for the A division of the RoboCup, this means that we are going to compete with the best. The rules are a bit different for this division, they increased the field and team size. For this we have to build 2 extra robots and we need your support to do this! More information about our crowdfunding campaign can be found at


Design presentation

Posted by zahra on Thu, 16-11-2017 20:44

In this design presentation we will present our plans for the coming year in terms of mechanics, control systems, electronics and software.

Interested in us, our robots or all the technology behind it?

Join us on the 6th of December in the Designlab Twente at the Gallery!


In deze design presentatie gaan wij onze plannen voor het komende jaar laten zien wat betreft mechanica, controle systemen, elektronica en software.

Geïntresseerd in ons, onze robots of alle techniek erachter?

Visit from Nexperia

Posted by zahra on Thu, 02-11-2017 16:02

Yesterday, Nexperia paid a visit to our office. They came all the way from Hamburg and Nijmegen to meet us in person and talk about the robots and the demo we will provide at their booth at Embedded World in February. Nexperia is a global leader in discrete components and is the main sponsor of RoboTeam Twente. We were glad to have them here!


Twente Science Night Exposition

Posted by jeroen on Tue, 17-10-2017 08:48

On the 7th of October, we provided an interactive demonstration at the Twente Science Night Exposition at the Grote Kerk in Enschede. Visitors tried to get the ball past our keeper Wesley by controlling one of our robots. This turns out to be harder than you might think!


Op 7 oktober gaven we een interactieve demonstratie bij de Twente Science Night Expositie in de Grote Kerk in Enschede. Bezoekers probeerden de bal voorbij keeper Wesley te krijgen door een van onze robots te besturen. Dit blijkt toch lastiger te zijn dan je misschien denkt!

Voetbal/sportcafé van De Twentsche Voetbalschool

Posted by zahra on Thu, 05-10-2017 13:01

Yesterday evening we were guests at the soccer cafe of De Twentsche Voetbalschool for their Holiday Fund. We were impressed by the work that you guys do. Thank you for having us and letting us give a presentation!


Gisteravond waren we te gast in het voetbal/sportcafé van De Twentsche Voetbalschool voor het Vakantiefonds Twente. We waren erg onder de indruk van het werk dat jullie verzetten. Bedankt dat we langs mochten komen om een presentatie te geven!

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